I want to prevent julia-repl from splitting my screen, which seems like a common request given the numbers of questions I have found relating to this. Drawing on advice found here and here, I came up with the following code for my init.el:

(setq display-buffer-alist
             '((".*" (display-buffer-reuse-window display-buffer-same-window))))

(setq display-buffer-reuse-frames t)

(setq pop-up-windows nil)

And yet when I open Emacs (emacs) and start julia-repl (M+x julia-repl), it still splits the window. My understanding is that the regex in the first command should catch all buffers and prevent splitting.

I also tried,

(add-to-list 'display-buffer-alist
           '(".*". (display-buffer-reuse-window .
                                  ((reusable-frames . t)))))

from here, too, without any success. What am I doing wrong here? Is this a quirk of julia-repl since the standard solutions don't work?

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I assume you're referring to this piece of code: https://github.com/tpapp/julia-repl/blob/d073acb6339e99edf77833f82277afd9a076f16a/julia-repl.el#L449-L454

It doesn't use display-buffer internally, so customizations to display-buffer-alist have no effect. Ask the developer to replace switch-to-buffer-other-window with pop-to-buffer or better, hand in a pull request. In the meantime redefine the command in your init file as follows:

(with-eval-after-load 'julia-repl
  (defun julia-repl ()
    (pop-to-buffer (julia-repl-inferior-buffer))))
  • Perfect, thanks! Is a benefit of switch-to-buffer-other-window over pop-to-buffer? (I'm just wondering why it would've been chosen instead.)
    – Dan
    Oct 27, 2020 at 18:13
  • For some reason few people are aware of display-buffer, so my guess is lack of education.
    – wasamasa
    Oct 27, 2020 at 21:21

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