I'm currently exporting a document to latex and HTML and there is some content that I have to create separately for each target. For the latex target, I add the latex code as

#+begin_export latex
// latex code

which is not included in HTML export.

However, for the HTML export, I'd like to add the content as org-mode syntax and have org-mode parse it as usual. Therefore, using #+begin_export html is not an option. Obviously, the parsed content should be included only in HTML export.

I have found this question that use drawers to selective export and the drawer content is parsed by org-mode according to the export target. However, it is necessary to manually specify which drawer should (not) be exported.

The reason I need this is because I want to include two figures side-by-side and I'm using org-ref for labels and references. I can directly include the latex code using the subfigure environment in a #+begin_export latex block and everyhting works in latex export (referencing as well as numbering).

In HTML export it's OK for the figures to be one below the other (although side-by-side would also be nice). If I directly add the HTML code in a #+begin_export html like the solution for the latex export, then the caption will not include the figure numbering, since org/org-ref doesn't touch it.

Current Solution

My current solution is to use a src block to return the org-mode code for the figures, which it the content I only want to be included in HTML export. The reason is that with an src block I can add :exports and pass lisp code that checks the value of org-export-current-backend. In the case of HTML export the lisp code results in :exports results, while in other backends it results in :exports none.

#+begin_src python :exports (if (org-export-derived-backend-p org-export-current-backend 'html) "results" "none") :results raw
  content = """
  ,#+NAME: fig1_label
  ,#+CAPTION: Fig1 caption.
  ,#+ATTR_HTML: :width 500 :height 500

  ,#+NAME: fig2_label
  ,#+CAPTION: Fig2 caption.
  ,#+ATTR_HTML: :width 500 :height 500
  return content

It works, but it is a bit cumbersome. It would be great if that was a flag I could pass to a #+begin_export html block to specify that it has org-mode markup and the content should be transformed with the regular html export. Even better if I could get actual subfigures working in HTML export (with a single org-mode code for both latex and html export).


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