This function selects one of the items in projectile's project list, but when I cancel the select using Ctrl-G an item is still returned. Whatever candidate the selection is on is returned even if the dialog is cancelled.

Is there some setting to override this behaviour?

  (defun vh-select-project()
    (let ( (projectlist
                     ;;(insert "(progn\n")
                     (insert-file-contents-literally (expand-file-name "projectile-bookmarks.eld" user-emacs-directory))
                     (goto-char (point-max))
                     ;;(insert "\n)")
                     (read (buffer-string)))))

           (input (progn
                    (helm :sources
                          (list (helm-build-sync-source "Select project:"
                                  :candidates projectlist)))
      (when project
        (insert (car project) ""))

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You're missing the action slot (see the last line):

(helm :sources (helm-build-sync-source "Select project:"
                 :candidates projectile-known-projects
                 :action 'insert))

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