When I enter magit-blame it shows the following lines.

jihae                2020-04-07 14:51 불필요한 파일 삭제, yarn 빠진 부분 추가, public path

Eugene Kim           2020-06-04 17:50 config
process.env.__DEV__ = isEnvProduction
Eugene Kim           2020-03-14 21:43 web start

Although the process.env.__DEV__ = isEnvProduction line is added by jihae

If I do magit-blame-addition on the process.env.__DEV__ = isEnvProduction the lines change to the following

jihae                2020-04-07 14:51 불필요한 파일 삭제, yarn 빠진 부분 추가, public path
const isEnvDevelopment = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development'
const isEnvProduction = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'

process.env.__DEV__ = isEnvProduction
Eugene Kim           2020-04-09 15:07 __DEV__

I'm trying to understand what magit is telling me, on first invocation, the line in question is added by Eugene Kim and if i do magit-blame-addition (not sure what exactly it does) it shows the line is added by jihae.

What is going on?

Additionally, if I do magit-blame-quit multiple times after the magit-blame-addition, I end up with modified file content that I'm visiting..

(From file A, if I do magit-blame, magit-blame-addition, magit-blame-quit, mgit-blame-quit, file A is different from what I started with..)

  • Do you seem to get the same information if you magit-blame-cycle-style (type c)? Does C-x v g show you different information? – phils Nov 11 '20 at 2:59
  • How do you "enter magit-blame"? Mention the keys you press. – tarsius Dec 5 '20 at 12:24

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