With Gnus, I got into the habit of replying to messages with the shortcut F, whether they come from private exchanges, forums or mailing lists.

The problem is for the latter: when I reply to a message sent by a person to a mailing list, F put:

  • this person into the "To" field,
  • the list into the "Cc" field,

so that this person receives my reply twice. OK, I could use the S L shortcut instead of F since the reply is then sent only to the list: so far, so good; or, rather, almost good.

The problem is indeed that S L is not very ergonomic and that I have got too much used to F. So I considered rebinding S L to F but the problem is that S L does not work:

  • nor for private exchanges (or mixed private/mailing list): no "To" field filled in,
  • nor for the forums: Gnus tries to send a mail to the person and not an article on the forum.

The question I am asking is therefore whether there would be a way for F to behave as:

  • F when I reply to a private e-mail or an article on a forum,
  • S L when I reply to a message from a mailing list.

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