I would like to run par or fmt to format my .md file. In vim this would be %!fmt (for the whole buffer) or 13,16!fmt (for line 13 - line 16). What's the "emacs way" to achieve something like this

PS: I am aware of evil-mode(If I wanted vi keystrokes, I would have used vim) and the M-! key binding. I also am quite new to emacs

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  1. Create a region (for example via C-SPC or M-h, see "Mark" in Emacs' manual: C-h r m Mark RET)
  2. Use shell-command-on-region with a prefix argument: C-u M-|

You can find more information in the Emacs documentation via C-h F shell-command-on-region RET.

  • Thank you. That helped. Commented Nov 12, 2020 at 13:42

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