TL;DR: Is it possible to go back and forth between different helm-ag searches, and keep the last visited position in each of them?

Using Spacemacs’ spacemacs/helm-project-smart-do-search (SPC / pattern RET, which I think is using helm-ag under the hood), I search for a text pattern in my project and go to the first match, and then SPC r s C-n RET to jump to subsequent matches. This is already more cumbersome than Vim’s :Ggrep pattern and then :cn, but still forgivable.

Recently, I learned that in Vim, after doing another :Ggrep pattern in the middle of jumping through the matches of the first, I can go back to the first pattern with :cold and continue jumping (:cn/:cp) from where I left it off. Is there an equivalent to this :cold/:cnew quickfix list history stack in Emacs? (Specifically for helm-ag results or otherwise.)

As a side question, I would also like to know if my current workflow with SPC / (as described above) could be made more ergonomic without custom key bindings.

  • I'm not sure about helm-ag, but you may be able to resume the previous session using M-x helm-resume and cycle the history using M-n/p. – jagrg Jan 5 at 13:51

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