I cannot get colors to work in mercury-mode. Mercury is supported under prolog-mode and in the source of prolog-mode there is quite a bit of it defined(eg. see below).

        ;; Mercury specific patterns
         (if (eq prolog-system 'mercury)
              (regexp-opt prolog-types-i 'words)
              0 'font-lock-type-face)))
         (if (eq prolog-system 'mercury)
              (regexp-opt prolog-mode-specificators-i 'words)
              0 'font-lock-constant-face)))
         (if (eq prolog-system 'mercury)
              (regexp-opt prolog-directives-i 'words)
              0 'prolog-warning-face)))

When I try using it, only face other than the default is the font-lock-comment-face. I am not familiar with writing or debugging emacs modes. How should I approach debugging this problem? If any one is using mercury-mode and got it working with colors please tell me how.

  • Does M-x list-faces-display list the faces you need? If not, maybe check file prolog.el, to see whether/where/how they're defined.
    – Drew
    Nov 15, 2020 at 18:47
  • Yes all the required faces are in list-faces-display when the prolog-mode is first loaded.
    – rajashekar
    Nov 16, 2020 at 3:25

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Found the bug and fixed it here.

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