The problem

I've recently moved to using mu4e for viewing and organising my email. I'm trying to use the function org-store-link in a mu4e message buffer but I encounter the error:

No method for storing a link from this buffer


I looked up the problem and found someone with a similar issue: Unable to link org-mode capture items to mu4e email messages

However, the solution in this case was to add (require 'org-mu4e) to the init.el file. I'm running mu4e version 1.5.7, and AFAIK, they have moved the link storing functions to mu4e-org.el (see https://github.com/djcb/mu/tree/master/mu4e), which is loaded by default when mu4e-org-support has value t (I have checked using M-x describe-variable and this is the case). Even if I do write (require 'mu4e-org) or (require 'org-mu4e) in my init.el file, I get the same error.

I looked at the source code for org (https://github.com/bzg/org-mode/blob/master/lisp/ol.el, I'm using version 9.3) and used M-x describe-symbol to print the value of org-link-parameters, and I can see the entry for mu4e which is:

 ("mu4e" :follow mu4e-org-open :store mu4e-org-store-link)

I also ran the code:

(cl-loop for link in org-link-parameters
       with store-func
       do (setq store-func (org-link-get-parameter (car link) :store))
       if store-func
       collect store-func)

in my scratch buffer, which is from the function org-store-link-function in ol.el, and this returns (... mu4e-org-store-link) which looks good.

So I think the problem might lie in the fact org-store-link calls this function and returns a nil value. But I've checked the mu4e-org source code and I think this should run correctly so long as I'm in the mu4e-header or mu4e-message major mode.

Does anyone have any idea where the problem is or any additional tests I should run?


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