I have installed emacs 2-3 years ago. The version I'm using now is 25.2.1. I want to update it to the latest version, which is 27.1. I uninstalled it and then installed again to no avail, it is the same old version. I have googled it, read a few sites, even came over StackOverflow question. None of those sources was helpful. Also, when installing it, I do it so via MSYS. That MSYS also shows MinGW things when it installs. I also looked at path in Environment variables in MS Windows Settings. I don't understand those things; neither path nor MSYS or MinGW is comprehensible for an amateur like me. So, can you help me and other future amateurs who will look here for help?

How can I upgrade to latest emacs on Windows?

I'm using Windows 10 64-bit. Thanks.


You can download an MS Windows binary for the latest Emacs release (27.1) here:


It sounds like you probably want one of the "64" ones. I use this one:

  • emacs-27-deps-mingw-w64-src.zip

But do read the README first: README-windows-binaries.

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