I would like to define multiple abbrevs that expand to the same string. Currently, I have the following in my abbrevs file.

(define-abbrev-table 'global-abbrev-table
  '(("abbrev1" "Some long expansion." nil 0)
    ("abbrev2" "Some long expansion that is identical to the above." nil 0)

If I want to modify the expansion, I have to manually modify all the expansions. I tried the following as a workaround:

(setq expansion "The long expansion that I want to define multiple abbreviations for.")
(define-abbrev-table 'global-abbrev-table
  '(("abbrev1" expansion nil 0)
    ("abbrev2" expansion nil 0)

But this does not work. I'm probably missing something quite elementary, but is there some way to achieve the above? Thanks!

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