I did some work on my machine that should not have affected my current HD (installed an OS on a secondary disk; ran update-grub). When I booted to my primary working HD I find that nearly all my installed ELPA packages have become incompat or deleted. I did nothing to my system to account for the change. A LaTeX document I was working on reverted to an earlier version. Had to get current version from backup. Nothing else on my system so far seems amiss.

I'm running Devuan (fork of Debian) Beowulf operating system. I have TeXLive 20200731 (version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.21) installed. Off hand it seems that the ELPA packages that acquired the incompat status were upgraded and thus came to depend on a newer version of emacs than what is currently stable for my operating system (emacs 26.1). For example vcard acquired an incompat status because it depends on Emacs 27.1.

Some ELPA packages were automatically deleted. For example AUCTeX is not loaded because its status became deleted:

Status: Deleted in ‘auctex-12.3.1/’. Version: 12.3.1 Summary: Integrated environment for TeX Requires: emacs-24.1, cl-lib-0.5 Required by: auctex-lua-20151121.1610 Other versions 12.1.2 (installed)...

In this case it is not because of dependencies. AUCTeX 12.3 is the current version. Is there a LaTeX file or set of files on my backup that I can restore to return to my earlier state? If I simply reinstall TeXLive that would not seem to return ELPA packages to earlier versions. Or is there a simpler way to get back to my prior state?

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