Suppose I am using Prolog mode with the Prolog REPL started as an inferior process using CtrlcEnter. Whenever I "consult" (i.e. evaluate) the Prolog mode buffer using CtrlcCtrlb ((prolog-consult-buffer)), I will end up in the Prolog REPL. Is there a way to prevent this? I want to stay in the source code when I "consult" the buffer; I don't want to go to the REPL.


Unfortunately, it seems that this behavior is hardcoded into prolog.el. The function responsible for moving to the REPL is prolog-goto-prolog-process-buffer. For the moment, I will be adding this hack into ~/.emacs as a stopgap solution:

  (advice-add 'prolog-consult-buffer
              (lambda (f &rest args)
                (cl-letf (((symbol-function 'prolog-goto-prolog-process-buffer)
                           (lambda () nil)))
                  (apply f args)))))

This effectively disables the call to prolog-goto-prolog-process-buffer in prolog-consult-buffer by redefining prolog-goto-prolog-process-buffer to do nothing ((lambda () nil)) when it is used by prolog-consult-buffer.

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