I try to compile gccemacs (emacs feature/native-comp branch) on windows 10, thanks to msys2/mingw64 and the libgccjit package recently available.

Here is the error :

../../src/comp.c: In function 'Fcomp_el_to_eln_filename':
../../src/comp.c:4110:36: error: expected ')' before 'PATH_REL_LOADSEARCH'
 4110 |    Fregexp_quote (build_string ("/" PATH_REL_LOADSEARCH "/")));
      |                                    ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |                                    )

Gcc version is 10.2.0.

It is strange because PATH_REL_LOADSEARCH is not defined anywhere in the build directory. It does not appear either in nt/epaths.nt

What is happening ?

  • All fixed and running thanks to many people here
    – deb2014
    Dec 27 '20 at 14:28

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