I have two problems with emacs when I'm using it with WSL2 and VcXsrv.

When I copy something out of emacs and paste/yank it in a buffer, it usually works smoothly except for two cases:

  • If I select some text in the buffer because I want to yank on top of it it yanks the selected text and deletes the text I have in my clipboard

  • Some unicode characters are not yanked at all even though I can put them with M-x counsel-unicode-char for example. Example: "•". If I paste it I get: "" but if I M-x counsel-unicode-char RET 2022 RET the character is displayed. I can copy it and paste it here but I can't yank it back to emacs.

Precision: I have the exact same config for emacs on Ubuntu and don't have these two problems so it looks like it comes from using it in Windows.

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