I have completing-read set to show me a plist.

I want to do something without RETURNING (completing the function).


(defun fancy-mode-call-buffer ()
  "List buffers to switch."
  (let* ((visible-buffers-plist (working-function-returning-desired-plist))
     (key (completing-read "Buffer: "
                   visible-buffers-plist nil nil "^"))
     (val (alist-get key visible-buffers-plist nil nil #'string=)))
    (message "Called buffer: %s" val)
    (switch-to-buffer val)))

This function will list the visible-buffers using completing-read, and if I press RET it will "log" the called buffer with message and then switch-to-buffer to the desired buffer. It's working.

What I need now, is to do actions before switching buffer (completing the function), like if I want to press C-x k to kill the highlighted/selected buffer just like in ivy-switch-buffer. How can I recover the "highlighted" cons?

Of course I need to create a key-map and define a custom C-x k to do the job, I think it's easy once I have the "current selected" item. But I don't know if this is possible in vanilla completing-read. I've been reading the documentation and searching without success, maybe I missed it?

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