In rainbow-mode, is it possible to toggle colouring only "words" or only "hexadicimals"? I don't see a variable I could set.

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The code is in the library rainbow-mode.el, particularly the functions rainbow-turn-on and rainbow-turn-off. You can make copies of these functions that include or omit the appropriate sets of commands to get the result you want.

A quick and dirty example:

(defun rainbow-turn-off-hexadecimal ()
  "Turn off hexadecimal colours in rainbow-mode."

(defun rainbow-turn-off-words ()
  "Turn off word colours in rainbow-mode."

With these functions defined, call rainbow-mode, and then M-x rainbow-turn-off-words to remove the highlighting from words, and leave it for the hexadecimals. Note that the colours won't change immediately, it will happen next time the buffer is 're-fontified'. You can force this by calling font-lock-fontify-buffer.

You can reset your colors by turning rainbow mode off and on again.

  • Thank you very much for the example and the tip!
    – Arktik
    Dec 17, 2020 at 21:01

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