I'm quite happy writing a letter in org mode using the koma[0] script for org mode[1]. I create a new header and body, hit C-c C-e k(for koma). Done.

However I don't know where to start in order to write my cv/resume in org mode[2]. There's an overwhelming amount of moderncv examples or even komavariant of moderncv though I wouldn't even know where to start, yet if koma even is the right choice.

Many thanks for giving me some direction on how to achieve this[3] using code below

* Applications
  :EXPORT_AUTHOR: Duffy Duck
  :EXPORT_EMAIL: duffy@duck.com
  :EXPORT_FROM_ADDRESS: Av. Foo, 1234 Acmetown
** Acme company
    :export_to_address: Acme company
*** Coverletter   
    :export_date: 18.12.2019
    :export_opening: Dear employer

    Must create art.

*** Cv                                             :NotWorkingThus:noexport:
    :Title: My dream job
    :photo: smile.png
**** Employement
***** One job
      :FROM:     <2014-09-01>
      :TO:       <2017-12-07>
      :LOCATION: a city, a country
      :EMPLOYER: The employer
   Some job details
***** Other job
      :FROM:     <2013-09-01>
      :TO:       <2014-08-07>
      :LOCATION: my city, your country
      :EMPLOYER: The other employer
   Some other job details
**** Languages
   - *Elbish*  Fluent
   - *Ancient greek*   Intermediate

[0] https://orgmode.org/worg/exporters/koma-letter-export.html

[1] Screenshot

[2] Screenshot

[3] Screenshot

  • Way too big a job for Emacs SE IMO. It probably involves creating (or modifying) a LaTeX class to do the things you want (which is a purely LaTeX question, so off-topic here). Then it involves tying that class with the Org LaTeX export mechanism by modifying org-latex-classes. And then it involves some impedance matching to pass property values in your Org mode file, so they can be used in your LaTeX class: that probably can be done with a custom exporter derived from the LaTeX exporter. The Emacs-related tasks are fairly mechanical, but the LaTeX one might not be - that's where I'd start. – NickD Dec 20 '20 at 14:12

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