Whenever I use the /ssh: directive and later open a shell (M-x shell) while still looking at the remote file/directory, on the remote end it used to open "/bin/bash" and all I had to do was to remove the current path to that file (point is already conveniently placed).

Fairly recently, however, (possibly with the introduction of v27.1) the suggested shell is "/bin/sh" and I need to additionally change it back manually to "/bin/bash" every time I run it.

While I am the sole user of the computer, I take it that editing "tramp.sh.el.gz" is still not recommended as it may be overwritten by any coming updates. Is there a way to either change the value for tramp-default-remote-shell or any of its derivatives to use "/bin/bash" by the time Emacs has started (user init.el)?


Set explicit-shell-file-name to "/bin/bash".

  • That works better than I would hoped. Not only does it work as outlined, it does not even ask for the path at all anymore. Great solution! Danke!
    – Phoenix
    Dec 29 '20 at 22:53

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