So basically I am doing the following:

  • Opening a dired buffer with tramp on a remote.
  • Opening a shell on the remote (M-x shell)

Then if I try for example to type any command such as ls -la the prompt will display l and then take something like 10 seconds to display the remaining input.

If I C-g when the prompt is stuck at l then the hang time will disappear, and the remaining input will be directly displayed.

I believe this could be a completion problem, for some reason from my config emacs would be searching for stuff on the remote. As another thread mentioned I tried disabling (global-projectile-mode). I also have company installed.

The hard thing for debugging is that no output is displayed in messages. Any ideas on what may be causing this hang time?

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Ok so this does the trick (disabling company mode on remote shells):

How can I disable company-mode in a shell when it is remote?

(defun my-shell-mode-setup-function () 
  (when (and (fboundp 'company-mode)
             (file-remote-p default-directory))
    (company-mode -1)))

(add-hook 'shell-mode-hook 'my-shell-mode-setup-function)

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