I am following the instructions here for how to customize importmagic.

I have the following in my init.el:

(setq importmagic-configuration-style-alist '((multiline . backslash)
                                              (max_columns . 1000)))

And the following in my setup.cfg

multiline = 'backslash'
max_columns = 1000
indent_with_tabs = 0

And yet I call importmagic-fix-symbol-at-point, I see it use parentheses instead of backslash and it does it at 79 spaces.

(This is especially troublesome because it seems to often introduce a syntax error when it does it---leaving a trailing comma at the end with

from my.very.long.string.of.package.imports.and.myimport import (,  # I fail because of this terminal comma
  whatever, another

This means that every time I use importmagic to fix one import, I need to undo all the syntax errors it introduces in all my other imports. So I'm trying to just set the max_columns so high it doesn't try. )

Anyway, what is the right syntax to actually change these settings in which file? Is my setq syntax incorrect somehow?

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