Note: This question is really about Projectile and Recentf. I'm using them in the context of Spacemacs, so I describe that context, but the question isn't really intended to be Spacemacs-specific.

The Spacemacs home buffer, which can be configured via dotspacemacs-startup-lists, show by default a number of recent files and projects. They are, however, displayed in two separate lists, so if I've been working with a lot of files in one project, then all the recent files are from one project, even if I set recents to a large amount like 24, all the recent files will be from one project. What I'd really like is to see the recent files by project. Suppose for example I had a vegetables project and a fruit project. I would want to see something like:


  • vegetables/lettuce.el
  • vegetables/squash.el
  • vegetables/tomatoes.el


  • fruit/apple.py
  • fruit/orange.py
  • fruit/banana.py

How can I achieve this with Recentf/Projectile? Is this a matter of configuration, or of needing to just code up the logic myself?

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Seeing that no one offered an answer here, I dug more into the code that Spacemacs is using for this, and it appeared that there was no pre-existing solution; since the code is rather Spacemacs-specific, I doubt there is some existing package out there that does it.

As such, I implemented it and submitted a PR to Spacemacs, which has been merged. The feature is available in Spacemacs now, and anyone educated in Emacs Lisp could port it to their own configs if necessary.

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