Suppose I am editing a file in python-mode. If I start the Python interpreter using M-x run-python (or C-c C-p), the Python interpreter opens in a window (*Python*) in the bottom half of the frame. Is there a way to automatically set the height of the Python interpreter window? I don't want the interpreter to take up half the height of the frame. I want it to take up less than half of the frame height.


You can use shackle,

for example

(require 'shackle)
(setq shackle-rules '(("*Python*" :align bottom :size 0.25)))

Or if you use use-package

(use-package shackle
:ensure t
:defer t
:commands shackle-mode
(setq shackle-rules '(("*Python*" :align bottom :size 0.25))))

As you can see :align tells us where the buffer will appear and :size (between 0 and 1) lets you decide how much the frame it will take.

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