If I split an Emacs frame (one X11 window) into multiple Emacs windows (with C-x 2 and C-x 3) and open different Emacs buffers in different Emacs windows, Emacs frame title (X11 window title) displays only the name of the currently active buffer. (Hope I got Emacs terminology right.)

For example: assume I have three buffers open in one X11 window: a.txt, b.txt and c.txt. X11 window title will be a.txt if I have a.txt buffer active. I instead want it to be a.txt, b.txt, c.txt or any other string that contains all the split buffer names.

Motivation: I use rofi -show window to search for windows and I often can't find an Emacs window I look for because it has the wrong split active at the moment.


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