I want to include tikz/pgfplots pictures in an org-mode document both for inline visualisation and export.

I have tried approaches given in this emacs-orgmode thread and in the worg documentation dedicated to latex. However, none provided me with a working example.

Based on the sources above I've tried the following:

#+begin_src latex :results output file graphics :file test.svg 
    \begin{axis}[title=Title, xlabel={X}, ylabel={Y}, legend entries={A,V}]
      \addplot [mark=square, thin, blue] table [x=x, y=y, col sep=comma] {my_csv1.csv};
      \addplot table [x=x, y=y, col sep=comma] {my_csv2.csv};

This produces a svg picture with missing features. In comparison, the pdf produced with the same code leads to the expected figure.

Obtained figure with missing features

I understood the process to generate a svg figure with a babel latex source code is different from the one to generate a pdf, hence the disparity. Actually, it seems that htlatex (called under the hood by org-babel-execute:latex) fails to produce the expected svg from the tex code.

How can I generate tikz/pgfplots pictures so they appear first inline in the org-mode document and then export them easily as I export the document to latex?

I'm using spacemacs with emacs 26.3

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