Mouse scrolling with visual-line-mode in centered-cursor-mode is jumpy as anything when you're writing prose. A single line of text can be 10 or more visual lines.

Editing in refill-mode or auto-fill-mode sort of solve the problem but bring on their own set of issues, either by adding linebreaks where they don't belong, or by messing with the text editing.

  • What's the question? You seem to be reporting a bug (?). For that, please use M-x report-emacs-bug.
    – Drew
    Jan 6 at 18:44
  • You are right @Drew, in the 7 hours since I posted this question, I actually ended up learning how to make minor modes and made my own clone of centered-cursor-mode which has the expected behavior. I have never done anything like that before so it was a great learning experience! Sorry for asking in the wrong place btw. Jan 6 at 23:54
  • In that case, please consider deleting the question. And glad you were able to find what you needed, and that you had a great learning adventure! That's the fun of Elisp.
    – Drew
    Jan 7 at 5:11

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