When I'm writing I really only want to see the word count, and ultimately that's the problem I'm trying to solve.

There's a modeline indicator that, but to see it, I have to see all the other minor modes I have installed.

I could diminish all of the other minor modes, but when I install a new minor mode, I have to go in and diminish again.

Plus, if I would like to make this modeline a package, I wouldn't be able to tell the other person using it which minor modes to diminish. They'd have to go do that themselves.

Is there no way to tell emacs: I just want to see this minor mode in the modeline, and not others?

  • Due to the endless possibilities in terms of constructing the mode-line-format, trying to answer a mode-line question is like opening a Pandora's Box. To start with, we do not know what mode-line-format you are presently using and/or where you got it from. I would suggest you type M-x find-variable RET mode-line-modes RET and study the code, especially the part of the code containing the variable minor-mode-alist. Rather than filtering the minor-mode-alist, it might be more efficient to just use the name of your minor-mode (if active) and place some properties on the string. – lawlist Jan 7 at 18:40

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