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I use Org Mode and columnview extensively. The issue I am having is that zooming (Command + on MacOs or C- + on PC) doesn't work in column view. Here is an example before zooming in

Column View Before Zooming in

Now, here is the view after zooming in (using C- + on PC and CMD + on Mac.

Column View After Zooming in

You can clearly see text from the property drawer enlarged and the text from the columns unchanged.

I have looked at the face attributes in column view using C-u C-x = to get

Face Properties in Column View

The right-hand buffer with the face information is

Face Information

I cannot quite figure out where to go from here. I thought about clicking on the line

Foreground height, family, etc.

((:foreground unspecified) (:height 120 :family "Menlo") org-column org-level-2)

which brings up

org column customize this face

Clicking on (customize this face) at the top brings up

Customize this face

Clicking on Show all attributes brings up this menu

hidden attributes

Checking Height and using 2.0 instead of 1.0 and hitting Apply blows up the font of the headers. I need to increase the font size of the text in the column cells. Anybody knows how to do this?

Font Size Increase for Headers

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The culprit is Material theme. I like it, but it interferes with font size in Org's column view.

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