I have two github accounts – one personal and one for my job. In most of my repos, I use my work account and magit works fine. In a couple personal repos, I have this in .git/config:

sshCommand = ssh -i /my/home/directory/.ssh/personal/id_rsa -F /dev/null

This works well from the command line for things like git push, but when I try to push from magit, I get this error:

ERROR: Permission to <personalaccount>/unified_docs_switcher.git denied to <workaccount>.

Since my work account is mentioned in the error message, it seems like magit's connection to git is ignoring the line in .git/config.

Is there some other config I can add to magit to recognize this?

Is there a different/better solution in magit to using different github accounts?

(Edit: emacs 27.1 on MacOS from here, tested on magit 2.90.1 from melpa-stable and then 20210105.1030 from melpa)

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