I am looking at the thread of a particular Emacs bug report through the bug-gnu-emacs archives. Suppose I want to make a public reply to one of the posts in the thread. On the web page of the post, I see a button I can use to reply:

reply via email

If I click on the button, my email client will fill in the post author's personal email address in the "To" email field (e.g. john.smith@example.com). If I actually send the email, will the reply be made public? I want to make a public reply. How can I ensure that I am making a public reply?

I thought that I have to send replies to 123456@debbugs.gnu.org (where 123456 represents the bug report number), so do I need to add 123456@debbugs.gnu.org to the "CC" field or something?


Great question. I never noticed those buttons on the web page before.

Yes, if you click that button it will open your mail client with only the person you're replying to in the To list.

To have the mail also go to the bug list (for that bug thread) you need to also include the bug number in the To list (or the Cc list, I think), in this form: 12345@debbugs.gnu.org, just as you guessed.

You might even want to file an enhancement request to have the button also address the bug thread. (Using M-x report-emacs-bug might be sufficient for that, even though the web site is more general than just Emacs; dunno.)

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