I want C-x b (i.e. switch-to-buffer) to ignore some buffers. For example, I want to ignore *Ibuffer*. In other words, when I press C-x b, I should not see Switch to buffer (default *Ibuffer*): . *Ibuffer* should be skipped. Is there a way to make C-x b ignore particular buffers?


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Command switch-to-buffer is designed to do just what it does. You can advise it to do something different, but typically if you want different behavior for a given key sequence then you are better off using a different command.

(This is all the more true in the case of switch-to-buffer, which is used not only as a command, i.e., interactively, but from Lisp code in many places, including in the core Emacs code.)

What you're interested in is the interactive part: the part that reads a buffer name from you. That's realized for switch-to-buffer by function read-buffer-to-switch. But that function is hard-coded to exclude only the current buffer. That function in turn is defined using function read-buffer, which, fortunately, offers more possibilities.

You can define a command that uses read-buffer in a way that provides only the buffer-name choices you want, and then bind that command to C-x b.

C-h f read-buffer tells you that there's a PREDICATE argument that filters the list of available buffers to present only some of them. Use that.

This code reuses the interactive spec from switch-to-buffer, except that it uses read-buffer with a predicate that excludes buffer *Ibuffer*:

(defun my-switch-to-buffer (buffer-or-name &optional norecord force-same-window)
  "Switch to another buffer, besides `*Ibuffer*'."
   (let ((force-same-window
           ((window-minibuffer-p) nil)
           ((not (eq (window-dedicated-p) t)) 'force-same-window)
           ((pcase switch-to-buffer-in-dedicated-window
              (`nil (user-error
                     "Cannot switch buffers in a dedicated window"))
               (if (y-or-n-p
                    (format "Window is dedicated to %s; undedicate it"
                     (set-window-dedicated-p nil nil)
                  "Cannot switch buffers in a dedicated window")))
              (`pop nil)
              (_ (set-window-dedicated-p nil nil) 'force-same-window))))))
     (list (read-buffer "Buffer: "
                        (other-buffer (current-buffer))
                        (lambda (name.buf)
                          (not (string= "*Ibuffer*" (car name.buf))))))))
  (switch-to-buffer buffer buffer-or-name norecord force-same-window))

(global-set-key (kbd "C-x b") 'my-switch-to-buffer)

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