I am trying to configure a daily agenda grid view like shown below, but for some reason it keeps showing 3 days in the past instead of the current date (at the time of posting this, it is Saturday, 16 January).

Wednesday    13 January 2021

               6:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
               8:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              10:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              12:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              14:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              16:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  personal:   16:12...... Closed:     DONE Clean litter box
              18:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              20:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  wgu:        22:00...... Deadline:   DONE Recreate virtual lab environment because I am a dumbass.
              22:00...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Interestingly, when I open the calendar it defaults to the wrong date, but it does show "today" as having the correct date. See the bottom of this picture: image here

Creating a new journal entry also uses the correct date.

I'm not really sure why I can't get my agenda grid to show today's date.

My config is as follows:

(use-package! org-super-agenda
  :hook (after-init . org-super-agenda-mode)
  (setq org-agenda-time-grid (quote ((daily today) (600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200) "......" "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"))
        org-agenda-include-deadlines t
        org-agenda-include-diary t
        org-agenda-block-separator nil
        org-agenda-compact-blocks t
        org-agenda-start-with-log-mode t
        org-deadline-warning-days 4
        calendar-latitude 34.034520
        calendar-longitude -84.456010
        calendar-location-name "Marietta, GA")
  (setq org-agenda-custom-commands '(( "z" "Super view"
                                       ((agenda "" ((org-agenda-span 'day)
                                                     '((:name "Today"
                                                        :time-grid t
                                                        :date today
                                                        :scheduled today
                                                        :order 1)
                                                       (:name "Clocked Today"
                                                        :log t)))))
                                        (alltodo "" ((org-agenda-overriding-header "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's get some shit done ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")
                                                     '((:name "Due today"
                                                        :deadline today
                                                        :order 1)
                                                       (:name "Important"
                                                        :tag "important"
                                                        :order 1)
                                                       (:name "Overdue"
                                                        :deadline past
                                                        :scheduled past
                                                        :order 1)
                                                       (:name "Daily Habits"
                                                        :tag "daily"
                                                        :order 1)
                                                       (:name "Habits"
                                                        :habit t
                                                        :order 2)
                                                       (:name "Due soon"
                                                        :deadline future
                                                        :order 2)
                                                       (:name "Working on"
                                                        :todo "STARTED"
                                                        :order 3)
                                                       (:name "Next to do"
                                                        :todo "NEXT"
                                                        :order 4)
                                                       (:name "Quickies"
                                                        :effort< "0:30"
                                                        :order 5)
                                                       (:discard (:tag("bible")))
                                                       (:name "Projects"
                                                        :children todo
                                                        :order 6)
                                                       (:discard (:anything t))))
  • Do you have items in your agenda for today's date?
    – Edman
    Jan 16, 2021 at 8:34
  • I do, yes. I have at least one item scheduled each day. Jan 16, 2021 at 22:04
  • Long shot, I know, but does your computer know the correct date? If you execute date on the command line, does it show today's date?
    – NickD
    Jan 17, 2021 at 0:41
  • If you remove org-super-agenda does it show correctly?
    – Edman
    Jan 17, 2021 at 5:35
  • Yes, date shows the correct date on my system. No, removing org-super-agenda does not change anything. The day span still shows the date as three days behind (Friday, when today is now Monday). Jan 18, 2021 at 23:19

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Late to the party but I had the same issue and solved it following the configuration here. The trick is to specify the agenda starting day by adding org-agenda-start-day to your initial configuration, like so :

(use-package! org-super-agenda
    ;; ...
    (setq org-agenda-start-day nil  ; today
          ;; ...
  • I ended up finding this solution yesterday. Thanks for posting it here :) It worked for me. Feb 1, 2021 at 23:41

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