Note that I'm using a theme (not sure if that changes things).

I have

(set-cursor-color "White")

But my cursor is still yellow.

  • Are you using Evil mode? Are you running Emacs in client/server mode? I'm asking because of this thread and this other thread – Nsukami _ Jan 16 at 18:14
  • Where do you do (set-cursor-color "White")? It may be that something changes the color after you do the above. If you type the above in your *scratch* buffer and press C-j after it, does the cursor color change? – NickD Jan 16 at 19:26
  • Indeed running in scratch did change the color. So my error was to have the set-cursor-color BEFORE setting the theme. – Chris Harrington Jan 17 at 0:15

Had to do the set-cursor-color after the custom-enabled-themes

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