I use evil and I want to execute a function by using Emacs macro system.

Let's say I have the following macro.

(evil-set-register ?f [?i ?f ?o ?o ?b ?a ?r escape])

I can run the macro by using @f. But this system is not easy to read and maintain.


How to execute an interactive function by using @f shortcut?


Here's function insert-foobar which inserts string foobar:

(defun insert-foobar nil
  "Insert foobar."
  (call-interactively 'evil-append)
  (insert "foobar")
(evil-set-register ?f (call-interactively 'insert-foobar)) ;; This does not work
(evil-set-register ?f (insert-foobar)) ;; This does not work too
(evil-set-register ?f (lambda nil "documentation"
                        (call-interactively 'insert-foobar)))

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