Is it possible to have in the completion window the list of ALL tags ?

TAG1 + TAG2 + TAG3 + TAG4+ TAG5

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org-tag-alist is the global value that a file specific #+TAGS: specification overrides. You can do what you want by specifying the tags you want to add to org-tag-persistent-alist, whose value is augmented by a #+TAGS: spec.

Note BTW, that both of these are supposed to be alists so the correct specification is:

(setq org-tag-persistent-alist '(("TAG1") ("TAG2") ("TAG3")))

You can disable the persistent tags in a particular file by specifying:

#+STARTUP: noptag

See the doc string of the variable with C-h v org-tag-persistent-alist RET (and similarly for the other variable).

  • Thank you very much, I will read it carefully – user1683620 Jan 19 at 9:31

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