I am a heavy user of https://github.com/yuya373/emacs-slack, and I noticed a weird behavior of auth-source-search: If I call this function multiple times, querying the second info always returns nil.

This is my slack configuration:

(let ((auth1 (car (auth-source-search :host "team1.slack.com")))
      (auth2 (car (auth-source-search :host "team2.slack.com"))))
   :name "Team 1"
   :user "some_email1@example1.com"
   :token (funcall (plist-get auth1 :secret)))
   :name "Team 2"
   :user "some_email2@example2.com"
   :token (funcall (plist-get auth2 :secret)))

And the second call to auth-source-search fails, making auth2 nil. So, Emacs cannot evaluate the expression (funcall (plist-get auth2 :secret)) since (plist-get auth2 :secret) is nil.

I am certain that auth-source-search is somehow broken, and have found a prior question to this: `auth-source-search` returns nil for valid queries . A comment to this question suggested to add :port keyword argument to auth-source-search, but in this case I cannot because the Slack auth info does not contain any port fields.

How can I solve this issue?

Edit: My .authinfo looks roughly like this:

host team1.slack.com user some_email1@example1.com password ...
machine imap.gmail.com login ... port ... password ...
machine smtp.gmail.com login ... port ... password ...
host team2.slack.com user some_email2@example2.com password ...

That is, the entry of team1.slack.com comes before that of team2.slack.com.

My Emacs is of version 27.1, configured with Spacemacs at the develop branch's latest commit.

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    You'll have to show us the contents of your .authinfo in order to determine if this is a bug or not (and tell us which version of Emacs you're using) – rpluim Jan 20 at 8:53
  • Oops, nice point. Will edit soon. – Namudon'tdie Jan 20 at 8:59

Yay, solved it: use machine instead of host for both authinfo.gpg and the keyword argument.

  • Can you tell us which bit of the auth-source manual led you to using host in your authinfo.gpg so we can fix it? – rpluim Jan 27 at 14:06
  • @rpluim The confusion was on my part. Because the keyword argument was :host, I incorrectly thought that the matching line of the authinfo should also be led by host, not machine. – Namudon'tdie Jan 28 at 7:19

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