In sgml-mode, when I type quotes ", they are automatically replaced by ". The culprit is the function sgml-name-self. Perhaps it is called automatically on characters in the variable sgml-specials (?); however, when I set sgml-specials to nil, the issue persists.

How to turn this automatic replacement off? Any help would be greatly appreciated, this automatic replacement drives me insane.

  • Setting sgml-specials to nil will do it, but you need to do it before sgml-mode is loaded – rpluim Jan 20 at 10:33
  • Yay, thank you! This works. Indeed, in my case it was set on after-load, and I replaced it with (setq sgml-specials nil) in my .init.el and it works. Please copy your comment as an answer, and I will accept it. – Arseniy Tsipenyuk Jan 20 at 10:40

sgml-mode will not set up the key bindings to insert replacements for ' and " if you set sgml-specials to nil, as long as do that before sgml-mode is loaded.

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