Suppose you're in org mode and working with source code.

Your point is currently inside a source block at some random position.

Is there an easy way to copy the body of source block (excluding #+begin_src <header args> and #+end_src)?

I was thinking of an automated, quick solution, like using a function.

The manual way for me to do this is to use mark-paragraph and then kill-ring-save.

But the latter unfortunately includes the last line of the source block, the #+end_src line.

I've played around with universal arguments -1 before mark-paragraph, but I couldn't manage to exclude the last line (#+end_src).

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You can get the body of the code block as a string by executing the following with point in the source block:

(plist-get (cadr (org-element-at-point)) :value)

You can also expand the body of a source block with C-c C-v C-v (bound to org-babel-expand-src-block) which creates a preview buffer with not only the source code but also the surrounding context (e.g. information coming from the headers of the source block).

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    Thank you. Your solution returns a string, not a region that I can pass to kill-ring-save, so I instead used kill-new, but it works just as good, IMHO. I added the answer below by replying to my question.
    – Paxsali
    Commented Jan 22, 2021 at 9:16


(defun kill-src-block-at-point ()
  (kill-new (plist-get (cadr (org-element-at-point)) :value))
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As of Org 9.7, the existing answers do not work anymore due to some changes in the org-element API that introduce deferred parsed values.

This solution uses org-element-property, which takes care of deferred properties. See Org Element API.

(defun kill-src-block-at-point ()
 (kill-new (org-element-property :value (org-element-at-point))))

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