If Magit's log is open and you hit RET on any of the commits, it opens a visit file/blob window where you can see the diff with some details. There's a few ways to do it, but I believe in Doom Emacs the default is magit-diff-visit-file-other-window where it will spawn a new window if you only have one, otherwise it will try to use one of the existing windows.

If you only have 1 window open (with Magit status/log), it will spawn another window on the right side of the screen with commit details. After you close that window, you're back to your full-screen magit status/log buffer (OK).

However, if you already have a 2 windows open (e.g. vertically split), Magit will spawn the view-commit buffer in your other window, but after you close it (via q), it will not return focus to the status/log buffer, so you will have to do it manually. This is very disruptive if you're visiting many commits. I'm fairly positive this behaviour was different back when I was using an older Magit/Spacemacs a few years back, but I can't tell now whether it's new Magit's behaviour, or is it Doom Emacs or something else.

TL;DR: Magit doesn't return focus to status/log buffer after you close visit-file/blob window.


  • I've tried searching through issues in magit repo but couldn't find anything matching, hence posting it here hoping someone might know the answer.
  • I'm running vanilla freshly installed Doom, with just a few lines of config, so I believe this would be easily reproducible.
  • Environment: macOS, brew-installed Emacs 27.1, latest vanilla Doom 2.0.9.

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