Is it possible to have hide-show folding display multiple lines (probably 3) in the folded version? This would get us practically to having a codox-like view right inside a buffer.

What I'm trying to accomplish is using clojure-mode to display the function signature and docstring. AFAICT, hs-toggle-hiding (and hs-hide-* etc) always collapse to a single line. If hide-show isn't capable of this, do you know of another tool that could do the job?

Presently, a multi-line fn loses some key parts.


(defn foo
  "Does something really fancy, and there are. Maybe. Multiple. Sentences/lines. Here."
  [x y]
  (some code ,,,))


(defn foo...)

which is informationally kinda useless.


Instead, folds to:

(defn foo
  "Does something really fancy, and there are. Maybe. Multiple. Sentences/lines. Here."
  [x y] ...)

or maybe optimally:

(defn foo
  "Does something really fancy, and there are..." 
  [x y] ...)


I've tried setting things like this, but I still don't see that hide-show support multi-line display:

(setq hs-special-modes-alist '((clojure-mode "(defn [-a-z]+ \"[^\"]+\"" ")" ";; " nil nil)))

(A workaround is to use set-selective-display with an argument of 3, but that only operates at a whole-buffer level, and shows other unwanted things.)


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For Clojure, I'm now using cider-browse-ns as a compromise, which does a decent job of listing all the vars with their docstrings. It works in a browse-ns mode that offers:

RET     cider-browse-ns-operate-at-point
^       cider-browse-ns-all
d       cider-browse-ns-doc-at-point
n       next-line
p       previous-line
q       cider-popup-buffer-quit-function
s       cider-browse-ns-find-at-point

I found it more convenient if tweaked for an easy binding and assume we want the namespace I'm already visiting:

(key-chord-define-global "BG" (lambda () (interactive) (cider-browse-ns (cider-current-ns))))

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