When using M-x magit-checkout, I can only select a branch. Is it possible to visit a commit (the stage at the commit) using Magit? Thanks!


From the magit log buffer (l l (lowercase L twice)), go on the desired commit with the point (cursor) and if you press b b (checkout branch/revision) the commit at point will be proposed for checkout. Otherwise with enter on the commit you will see the content of the commit without checkout into it.

  • Thanks, i go on the desired commit, but when pressing bb, it offers me to checkout only branches, no commits. however, I can enter them myself typing on the minibuffer. Is this normal behaviour? Feb 1 at 19:37
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    If I am on a commit with the point and I press b b, magit proposes the SHA of the commit at point in the list of the possible targets. E.g the echo area says: Checkout (default 228f9fb): (228f9fb is the SHA hash of the commit at point).
    – Marioba
    Feb 1 at 19:59
  • If I am on a commit with the point and I pres bb, magit does not propose anything, just tells me in minibuffer "Checkout:", so I have to select what I see in the main buffer, which is master3, master4, master. No trace of commits. However, I can type the commit myself and press enter (i won't be shown any autocompletion though). What version are you on? Feb 1 at 20:03
  • You need to be in the magit log buffer (l l) for this, not in the status buffer. EDIT: no, this is not true. It works in the status buffer too...
    – Marioba
    Feb 1 at 20:07
  • Magit 20210105.1030, Git 2.30.0, Emacs 27.1. But I'm sure this feature exists since a lot of time.
    – Marioba
    Feb 1 at 20:10

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