I am kind of new to Emacs, in the sense that I never used for serious development. I was trying to build a configuration in order to start a larger C++ project, and there is one point in particular for which I can't seem to find a solution.

For auto-completion, I am trying to use CEDET and auto-complete. I know that by adding ac-semantic to ac-sources the auto-complete package will be able to use the tags generated by Semantic. However, I would like to know if there is to way to:

  1. show some kind of function documentation (e.g. prototype in C/C++) while in the auto-completion menu (and not after the text has been inserted). For example, using function-args and calling the fa-show function I am able to see some kind of documentation for the function on the point, but after it has already been inserted. The moo-complete function of this package also shows the prototype of the possible completions, but it is not "embedded" into auto-complete (it is called by a completely different function/shortcut, and I don't really like the idea of having different completion shortcuts depending on what I am doing ...). Another way that I found it to call semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu, but the menu is particularly ugly, and I believe that something the same thing along with some kind of syntactic coloring exists.

  2. insert placeholders for function arguments. I know that company does that pretty easily and you can then switch from on argument to another by pressing TAB (for some reason, when the said function is included from a header, it seems that this also creates a new buffer opening this header file ? But that is competely unrelated to my problem, it just seemed a bit strange of a behaviour). Is there a way to replicate this using auto-complete instead of company ? For example, using YASnippet (I've tried it, doesn't seem to work, but I am not really familiar with this package so this might the explanation) ?

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