My Emacs used to have the ability to display the help buffer of each function everytime I was scrolling through M-x function candidates. How to enable it again? Thanks!


It is called helm-follow-mode.

According to Helm documentation (C-h m from inside an Helm buffer):

When helm-follow-mode is on (C-c C-f to toggle it), moving up and down Helm session or updating the list of candidates will automatically execute the persistent-action as specified for the current source.

If helm-follow-mode-persistent is non-nil, the state of the mode will be restored for the following Helm sessions.

If you just want to follow candidates occasionally without enabling helm-follow-mode, you can use C-down or C-up instead. Conversely, when helm-follow-mode is enabled, those commands go to previous/next line without executing the persistent action.

So the easiest way is to navigate with C-down or C-up. C-c C-f allows you to toggle this behaviour and variable helm-follow-mode-persistent to make it persistent.

  • Thanks. I actually can't find helm-follow-mode in my system. I installed helm, but it doesn't show for some reason. In my init I actually had helm-follow-mode-persistent turned on. How can I install helm-follow-mode? Feb 3 at 19:15
  • I meant to say, "In my init I actually have helm-follow-mode-persistent turned o but when I do M-x helm-follow-mode, there are no candidates. Also, C-c C-f does not seem to be binded to it." Feb 3 at 19:44
  • You need to be in a helm session to use C-c C-f. Do C-down and C-up work in helm M-x?
    – Marioba
    Feb 3 at 20:03
  • Oh my god! You nailed it! Now I was in the helm session, and did C-c C-f and it worked. I did not know this. Regarding C-down and C-up, That's another thing, in my MAC if I do C-down, it shows the desktop. It's inbuilt mac behaviour, so I can't do C-down in Emacs. Not sure how I could enable this in Emacs. Feb 3 at 20:22

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