I am using Emacs 26.1 on a Windows machine that I connect to via Citrix Viewer running on MacOS 11.1.

I'm using left-option as my meta key.

When using org-mode, the meta key is behaving inconsistently. Some commands are sent twice on a single press, and other commands are sent correctly just once. Some other behaviours don't work at all, or send something completely different.

I'm running command-log-mode to capture commands, and I can see the following:

<M-down>   org-metadown[2 times]
<M-right>  org-metaright
<M-left>   org-metaleft

<M-x> doesn't work correctly either, and in command log shows a double decker ~ with a command of org-self-insert-command

Has anyone else encountered anything like this and possibly have any advice on how to make this consistent?


I suspect this may not be an Emacs issue. I'd check in the keyboard control panel on both the Mac and the 'Doze box: what is the delay before sending repeat keystrokes? Try increasing it, particularly on the Mac side.

  • I've turned key repeat off on the mac and in windows, but it still behaves the same. I think this is probably the Citrix VDI tooling remapping a key in flight. Feb 5 at 15:00

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