When using the TAB key in a magit status/overview buffer, it says: Buffer is read-only. If I manually disable read-only mode, the pressing TAB indents the text instead of expanding or contracting sections, as it should when bound to magit-section-toggle. In the magit buffer, TAB is bound to indent-for-tab-command.

If I remove the binding (map! :inv [tab] #'indent-for-tab-command) from my key config, then TAB gets bound to evil-jump-item in both Magit and Python buffers. How can I get TAB to behave like in Spacemacs, both in Magit and Python buffers? (I'm not entirely sure that TAB is bound to indent-for-tab-command in Python buffers in Spacemacs.

Here is my key-config: http://ix.io/2Olo/elisp


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