Is there a way to have a common init.el for several system users? /etc/emacs.d/init.el for example?

  • How about everyone's .emacs file having a one-liner?: (load "/path/to/master/init.el" nil t t nil)
    – lawlist
    Feb 8 at 3:35

This is documented in chapter 49.4 The Emacs Initialization File of the Emacs manual (which is also included as part of Emacs, use C-h i to open the info browser which will show you this and many other manuals already on your computer). In short, Emacs loads both site-lisp.el and defaults.el in addition to your own startup file, and these two files may be located anywhere in the load-path. Exactly what directories end up in your load-path may vary across operating systems and distributions, but in most Linux distributions it will include a directory like /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp.

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