I use delete-by-moving-to-trash to move deleted files and folders into trash instead of deleting them. However, if the file or folder with the same name is already in Trash I get an error file already exists".

On macOS and while I delete file using Finder which name already exists in the Trash it adds current timestamp to the deleted file name to differentiate it. For example foo become foo 20.28.19.

Is there a way achieve the same in Emacs?

That would solve the problem, but I'm also open for other solutions if they exists.

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You can use the Finder to move the files with the following function

(defun system-move-file-to-trash (filename)
  "Move file or directory named FILENAME to the trash."
      "tell application \"Finder\" to delete POSIX file \"%s\""

Not tested on recent Mac OS versions.


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