I have lots of links that look like:


I want to be able to enter a string like:


and be able to create a correct link like:


In the past, I was able to find help for links to pdf documents. But this is more complex, but I would love to hear your suggestions.

Can I have a bonus answer?

How do I pass multiple parameters to my abbreviations? Can the following be a clue? where I can find examples?

(org-link-set-parameter "type" :complete #'some-completion-function)
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    C-h i g (org)Link Abbreviations RET should help. – NickD Feb 14 at 17:22


#+LINK: jira  https://jira.mycompany.com/browse/%s
[[jira:TASK-1234][TASK-1234: label]] 

will create the links you desire.

As NickD mentions, find "Link Abbreviations" in the org manual., also via C-h i g (org)Link Abbreviations <RET>

  • The first step is done. Now, how do I translate ticket1234 into TASK-1234? – ruby_object Feb 14 at 18:16
  • Something link M-x query-replace-regexp <RET> \(ticket\([0-9]+\)\) <RET> [[jira:TASK-\2]] <RET> should work. – jsled Feb 17 at 13:06

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