When I open a shell script (e.g. emacs myscript.sh) and do C-c : (M-x sh-set-shell), and select sh as the shell, Emacs will insert a #!/usr/bin/sh shebang instead of #!/bin/sh. I want Emacs to insert #!/bin/sh instead of #!/usr/bin/sh. I realize that Emacs is probably behaving like this because /usr/bin comes before /bin in my shell's PATH. What are some ways to prioritize the /bin directory only when running sh-set-shell?

  • sh-set-shell allows you to just say /bin/sh, and it will use that.
    – rpluim
    Feb 18, 2021 at 10:49

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Simply add an advice around sh-set-shell will do.

(defun sh-set-shell-tmp-path-advice (func &rest r)
  "Wrap `sh-set-shell' with temporarily modified
  (let ((exec-path (cons "/bin/" exec-path)))
    (apply func r)))

(advice-add 'sh-set-shell
            :around 'sh-set-shell-tmp-path-advice)

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