I use MacTerm 4.0 on OS X 10.7.5 and I use the vt220 option base emulator.

When I open emacs -nw on it, when I press C-x C-c (to quit Emacs) it says

C-x C-g is undefined

When I type C-x C-s (to save buffer) it displays only the C-x part, not the C-s.

When I press M-x, the M is bound to the alt key to the left of the left cmd button on the Apple Wireless aluminum keyboard, the mini buffer don't display M-x at all. When I repeat the M-x then it displays: \305 is undefined

Here is the related section from my ~/.emacs file:

(setq ns-option-modifier 'meta)
(setq ns-right-option-modifer 'alt)
(setq ns-alternate-modifier 'meta)
(setq ns-right-alternate-modifier 'none)
(setq ns-command-modifier 'super)
(setq ns-right-command-modifier 'left)
(setq ns-control-modifier 'control)
(setq ns-right-control-modifier 'left)
(setq ns-function-modifier 'none)

In order to do the M-x, I do ESC-x but I think you'll agree that it's not ideal.

To quit Emacs I do ESC-x kill-emacs To save buffer ESC-x save-buffer

1- How to use those (frequently used) C-x C-c and C-x C-s shortcuts on the vt220 emulator?

When I enter dired mode and select a file on the dired window (i.e. by pressing enter) it doesn't open the file and the minibuffer says

Buffer is read-only: #<buffer lisp>

So I have to type the filenames on the minibuffer

2- Is there a way to select and open a file directly on dired window?

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